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Case Discount Cases Can Be Mixed and Matched at Your Choosing, and Consist of 12 Bottles 10 Percent Off Per Case 20 Percent Off When You Buy Four Cases or More

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Explore Our Selection of Pennsylvania Wines

“0” indicates our driest wines.
“4” indicates our sweetest wines.


4 Volant Red
A sweet Concord wine with an intense grape flavor. When in doubt, give this a try – it’s our perennial best seller!
3 Fredonia  
Sweet red with a refreshing fruity tartness, rather like “Jolly Rancher” candies.
3 Cocoa Vino
Sweet red wine blended with cocoa, reminiscent of the flavor of a red Tootsie Pop!
1.5 Dechaunac
A blissfully smooth, mellow and light semidry wine. The perfect wine for those who are just beginning to develop a taste for drier reds. An excellent complement to pasta and marinara.
0 Mars Red
Smooth, oak-aged and dry with a complex and aromatic flavor. Try this wine with roasts, hearty stews and steaks.  
0 Cabernet Sauvignon
Great depth with hints of violet and a subtle, elegant finish.


4 Apple
A perfect, golden autumn day captured in a bottle, this wine is sweet and refreshing – just like that first bite! Excellent chilled or mulled with spices.
4 Cherry
Remember your mother’s pie? Now available in a bottle! The tart-sweet flavor of fresh cherries is both refreshing and nostalgic.
4 Cran-Grape
The juicy sweetness of ripe Pennsylvania grapes is balanced with the bite of cranberries. The benefits of both fruits blended into one delicious combination.
4 Pear
Sweet, yet light, with a silky finish. Loaded with aroma and flavor. Excellent paired with mild, creamy cheeses, such as a good brie.
4 Peach
Sweet and fruity, with warm vanilla undertones.
3 Blackberry
Luscious, sweet and balanced, this wine is bursting with the flavor of sun-ripened blackberries. Enjoy alone, or serve with dessert.


4 Wilmington White
Enjoy the sweet flavor of Niagara grapes freshly plucked from the vine. Our best-selling white!
3 Edelweiss
Expressive aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit. This crisp, fruity wine has an intriguing floral aroma that provides the perfect balance to its sweet palate. Pair with a good book and a sunny window for a pleasant afternoon.
3 Riesling
Smooth and sweet like the autumn air; this wine has the honeyed richness of a perfect October afternoon. Our Riesling is harvested late for that Ice Wine character.
2.5 Delaware
This fragrantly fruity semisweet wine is perfect if you prefer sweet wine but don’t want to overwhelm your meal.
1 Vidal Blanc
Smooth and crisp with notes of citrus and a dry finish, this wine’s delicately floral aroma adds depth and interest. Excellent with mild cheeses, pork and poultry.


4 Chambourcin Port
Rich and sweet, with notes of raspberry and coffee. This dessert specialty is a port-lover’s dream.


4 Pink Catawba
Sweet and fruity with distinct notes of pink grapefruit. Perfect for relaxing on the porch, watching the world pass along.


0 George’s Cider
A traditional hard cider made from a centuries-old recipe. Crisp, with a distinct bite, our George’s Cider is history in a bottle. 11 percent alcohol by volume.  
2 Ben’s Cider
Our traditional hard cider, with a twist. Sweeter, with a little less bite and a little more apple.


4 Medieval Solstice 375 ml
Made from 100 percent honey, a truly royal drink. It is best served with an orange garnish.

Case Discount

Cases can be mixed and matched at your choosing, and consist of 12 bottles.
  • 10 percent off per case
  • 20 percent off four cases or more


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